Thursday, 3 July 2008

A fab find :)

Last week I went shopping to the bigger town near where I live. I've lived in this house for about a year and a half and go shopping to the town all the time but have never been to the outdoor market there as it's a bit out of the way. Well, this time I decided to walk up the hill to the market and I'm glad I did because there were LOADS of fabric stalls there :) Most of them sell materials for saris (lots of gorgeous colours and patterns) but they have plenty of cotton fabrics too and all sorts of trims and notions :) I spent about £6 and came home with a bag bulging with fabric to make some cushions for our front room. I would have bought more but my OH is whinging about the fabric stash I have already and I don't think he would have been too impressed!!!

This evening I started making some cushions for the front room; I have completed 2 so far and they were really easy to make, just like envelopes. When we first moved into the house, I spent a fortune buying cushions but I really want more and more so the sofa is really snuggly and cosy :) The cushions I've made so far don't really match the sofa but they're bright and cheery and I like them so they're staying! (well for the time being at least....)

I wanted to get get some pictures to show on here but my laptop is still being mended so I am on a different computer which won't let me upload pictures :( I have been assured that my computer is being delivered back to me tomorrow so hopefully then I'll be able to get some on here to brighten things up!

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