Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Let it snow!

Ok, cheesy title but this was the scene that greeted me this morning when I opened my front door :

We hadn't expected it to snow so it was a great surprise. Even though it has been getting colder these last few days (and we had some snow that didn't stick yesterday), this is the first "proper" snow we've has this winter and I was so excited! I was supposed to be in work today so I got in my car to attempt to drive to work. I didn't even make to the end of my street as the roads hadn't been gritted and my car was slip-sliding everywhere. Luckily I could take the day off work so me and Mr P wrapped up warm and donned our wellies to go for a walk in the snow.

We decided to go along the canal. It was so pretty with all the snow...

A lot of the canal was frozen over completely but there were one or two bits where the ice had started to melt and all the ducks were huddled there. I'm really glad I'm not a duck because they looked freeeeeeezing!

When we walk along here in the summer we often like to stop at this bench and watch the barges go past, but the bench was thick with snow this afternoon so unless we wanted a wet bum we had to keep going!

Although it looks very peaceful in these pictures, we actually met quite a lot of people along the way and stopped to have a chat with them. That's one of the things I love so much about living here - everyone's so friendly. There was an elderly man with his little dog, who was wearing a cute little red jacket to keep her warm, and one man who was clearly a lot braver than us because he was wearing shorts! It was below freezing! They must make 'em tough up here...

We walked along this road to the next village because I wanted to go to the scrapbook store there to get supplies for my Journal My Christmas album. We were talking to the owner there who lives a few streets away from us. She said her road hadn't been gritted this morning (and it's one of the main roads in the area too!) and so all the cars were crashing into the parked cars. Apparently a few drivers just abandoned their cars and walked to wherever they were going. The local newspaper said that one of the other nearby villages was completely cut off and there had been a lot of accidents because of the weather.

So pretty - it's like a scene from a Christmas card. I hope it's like this on Christmas Day but more often it's just cold and rainy!

The clouds were so thick you couldn't even see the tops of the hills!

We stopped at one of the local pubs for lunch and had a Cointreau coffee to help us warm up - yum!

Coming back from the village we saw a snowman that someone had built. All the schools around here are closed because of the weather so the children have all been sledging and playing in the snow. Being the big kids that we are, me and Mr P had a snowball fight before we set off and I'm proud to say I gave Mr P a good whupping :)

When we got back we decided to let the kitties go out at the back to see the snow. This was the first time they've been outside so we put little ribbons on their collars so they didn't get frightened and run off on their own. We are going to let them out when they are a little bit older but they haven't been done yet so we didn't want to take any chances!
Missy was a bit unsure of the snow and didn't really go far from the back door, surprising as she is usually quite adventurous.

Mollie seemed to really enjoy it and even went in the snow. She was funny because every time she took a step she shook the snow off her paws :)

They're both curled up in front of the fire now after their little adventure, snoozing and stretching.
Strangely enough, today's Journal Your Christmas was about the weather, so I am going to use my blog entry for today along with a couple of my favourite photographs from the ones above.
What's the weather like where you are today?


Ackworth born said...

Great pictures of the snow - it started briefly yesterday morning as I checked out the new Ashton Market but I got home before it started in earnest.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Great to see your snowy pics - we rarely see any here in the SW.

the flour loft said...

Hi Gem,
your winter scene photos are beautiful. i love the silence that comes with the snow. sad to hear of accidents though but good that you were able to stay off work and enjoy a lovely walk. Your kittens are sweet... i wonder what mine will make of snow if we get some. After being in a cosy house they were reluctant to brave the cold this morning. they are roughly 7 months old now, both neutered and up for adventures... i just wish my neighbours trees wern't so tall!
ginny x

Laura said...

Hia Gem

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I popped over here to say "hi". This is the first time I have come across your blog, so I will have a proper look through today but firstly I just wanted to say "wow", you live in such a gorgeous place! I am so jealous, London is nothing like that! (much to my disappointment!)

And the kittens on ribbons did make me laugh!


Josie-Mary said...

It looks like you had a lovely day... I'm so jealous!!! We never really get snow in the SW... I must move up north!! It was good you could take the day off.
Lovely kitties on ribbons!!! :)

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

lovely pictures :-)
its going to be really cold tonight apparently and snowy tomorrow!! eek!! hope schools arent closed !
went to Didsbury today with some blogger friends and even though the streets had been gritted i had a hairy moment where i thought i was going to go splat!!!
Lesley x

driftwood said...

kitties with ribbons on in the snow, how cute is that xxxx