Friday, 12 December 2008

Blogging from my phone

Hope this works!


Josie-Mary said...

How clever! My friend got this phone a few weeks ago.... she loves it. My phone is a hand me down, the N70... which was really good..... once!! :)

Tilly said...

Well done on blogging from your phone! I can only just manage a blog post via Blogger - lol! Love your tale of the breadmaker paddle. Made me laugh and reminded me of just such an ocurrance here. My daughter had a friend round for the day in the holidays and they decided to make chocolate bread. First problem - they forgot to put the paddle in. Second problem - it looked very odd when it came out. Turned out they had read the instructions incorrectly and used half a CUP of salt instead of half a teaspoon!!!

Lace hearts said...

Wow, that sounds high tech!
Thanks for your comment - I'll be keen to know if you get the same standard response from IKEA. Fab cat picture! x

Vintage Tea said...

That's great you can blog from your phone... I can't even access my google reader on my phone for some reason anymore... due for an upgrade next week though so hopefully I can get a snazzy new phone so I too can post from my mobile!!

Victoria xx

Lisa said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
I've just caught up with yours whilst having a (late) breakfast.
I think your cards are wonderful and it's such a shame others in your family don't appreciate them. Hamdmade is so thoughtful.
Love your cushions too!
I do like your lists, always good to have some kind of goals. I'd like to be organised enough to do something like that, but I'm useless at managing time effectively.
Enjoy your weekend.
Lisa x