Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The obligatory post about snow...

It would appear that it is "the blogging rules" to have a post about the snow so here is mine!

Living where we live we do tend to get a fair bit of snow if there is any about. The night before last the roads over the tops were closed so we knew it would probably be fairly thick with snow when we woke up and we weren't disappointed!!

I was supposed to be in work yesterday but managed to crash my car into a wall before I'd even got to the end of my road so I abandoned that idea and booked the day off instead! I'm ok, just got a bit of a sore neck but my poor little car has a couple of dints and few scratches. It could have been a lot worse so I'm not complaining!!!

My fiance (!) was also off work so we took a walk along the canal, which seems to have become a bit of a tradition for us when it snows...

If you look carefully, you should be able to see a heart in the snow in the picture below:
There's also a stream that runs alongside the canal. The mill to the right of the picture is now used as studios for artists.

This was the view out the back of our house. Missy was mesmerised by the snow and spent almost the whole day sitting on the window sill watching the snow falling...

Every now and again she would see something that particularly interested her...

And then she would start patting at the windows....

The view from the front was pretty too :)

Again Missy spent a lot of time on this window sill watching the cars try to get up the hill (one got completely stuck at one stage!) and trying to catch snowflakes. Cats are funny little creatures, aren't they? Mollie was completely not bothered by the snow and spent most of the afternoon snoozing by the fire (she's not daft, is she?)

We had some more snow last night but earlier on we had some sleet so the roads are icy and treacherous. I looked out of the curtains this morning to see a car sliding backwards down the hill and decided that I wouldn't be driving today either!
Hope you are enjoying the snow where you are :) If you do have to go out, take care :)


Pixiedust said...

Hope your Ok (((((hugs))))). I had to drive this morning and slipped and slided everywhere, and that was in 1st and 2nd gear! But wrk is now offically closed, whhooppeee. My cat does that at the window too they are funny. Take Care Pixie. xxx

MelMel said...

All ok?
hope so!

We had a nasty accident in Suffolk a few yrs back...black ice.....awful!

The shop is down in Benllech...hope I've spelt this correctly.....its next to the electrical shop and a hairdresser....well worth a look, I got the mirror in my living room from there and the green chair in my bedroom...wonderful bargains, think that box was a quid!
Also over in Beaumaris on Sundays...(?) there is an collectors fair.....and a wonderful shop called Eden that sells CK, Greengate and all manner of pretties!


Tea with Willow said...

Ooh, how awful - glad you're ok, it can be very scary driving on the ice can't it. Your little cat is so cute, playing in the window - my little Leo keeps coming in with snow stuck all over him - he seems to like going out in it!

I love your photos of the canal, it reminds me of the canal at Marple, near where I used to live.

Willow x

dottycookie said...

Your photos are a lot like mine from yesterday! Today we have bright sunshine but still a lot of snow and ice on the pavements and minor roads, so we're off school again today - yay!

Sal said...

I refused to drive today..nasty underfoot. Hope you are ok..big hugs from me too ;-)

rachel the krafty girl said...

ahhh!pretty cats.
my cats keep getting snowballs thrown at them everytime they sit in the window =( nasty children!!lol

ooh i sent your swap gift today!!hope you like it


rachel the krafty girl said...

ooh and congratulations on getting engaged!

dont think i said that before =)


LaundryBasketCase said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow, you got lots more snow in Manchester than we did! Poor you and your car, it is so scary driving in the snow. Glad you are okay though. Missy is very cute!

Nutty Gnome said...

We're all out of practice at driving in the snow - but glad that you're not hurt.
We're the other side of the tops to you, with lots of snow - so I've had a snow day today - yeah!
Nice blog - I'll keep popping back.

Ackworth born said...

At times like this I'm glad I no longer drive. I had to get some shopping in today and the little ginnel down to the bus stop was like a ski-run but I made it OK and back again. Got enough provisions now till the weekend.

Hope you get your car fixed OK

Shabby Chick said...

Oh no, what a nightmare with the crash, hope you're OK and not too achey.

You must be so annoyed about your house being modernised before you moved in, the thought of all those original features being dumped in a skip or something is awful!

Glad you like the blog makeover, I am easily bored and was a bit sick of the old look!

Mel xxx

rachel the krafty girl said...

im sure ill love it,im super excited!!

hope your okay!2 of my friends had crashes yesterday!damn snow!


Lisa said...

Hope you are ok.
Must have been scary driving in your car when that happened.
I can see you are enjoying talking about your fiance!
Congrats again to you both.
Keep safe and warm.
Lisa x

Country Cottage Chic said...

I have so enjoyed all the blog photos of the snow!

MelMel said...

Thank you, I'm going to need all my strengh emotionally to get thru the day......xxxx

sharie said...

Great snow photos and I saw your view! Me and the cat are both nosy about looking at views ;-)

Josie-Mary said...

Silly cat... but lovely photo's. My cat is looking at horror at the snow... bet she's glad she's got a litter tray!! At 19 I don't think she'll make it outside.
Don't think I've said congratulations yet.... having problems keeping up with all the posts :)

rachel the krafty girl said...

i am so pleased that you recieved them okay,i was scared that they would get awol in the snow hehe

i am tickled that you like the gifts!!

thanks for letting me know that you got them okay


Tilly said...

Oh dear, you have been in the wars lately, first your tooth and now a crash! Hope you are feeling ok. Congrats on the proposal, how exciting! Hope you had a great time in Barcelona. Mr Earplugs took me there for my 40th birthday and I came home pregnant with Nipper! We have been getting over-excited at the amount of snow we've had this week. Brings back memories of trudging to school knee deep in the stuff!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Glad to know that you are well and safe!
Thanks for sharing such lovely photos of your town, covered in snow!
Debbie Moss

Summer by the sea said...

We didn't get much snow at all - just a little last Thursday - Natalie x

rachel the krafty girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
driftwood said...

hope you are fully recovered now, that must have been scary.
love your photos of your cat and the snow, what a cutie xx

Rosesposes said...

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Shabby Chick said...

Hi Gem

Are you OK??? Just came by as it's been a long time and I wanted to see if you're alright.

Hugs, Melxxx

Melissa said...

Thanks for letting me know you're alright Gem and LOTS of good luck with the house move. Hope to see you back when you're settled xxx

Shabby Chick said...

That was me by the way, it logged me in under a different name because I was logged into another email address argh!

Mel xxx