Sunday, 30 November 2008

Christmas Chaos

Ok, Ok, I know I'm a bit early but last night we started to put the Christmas decorations up as both me and my OH are in work all next week. We got the tree up but there are still lots of other bits and bobs to do. Matters are not helped by my two little "helpers" who are driving me nuts! It's their first Christmas and they seem to think that I have put the tree up as an extra-special toy for them to play with. I've already had to fish Missy out of the tree twice this morning and Mollie is showing an alarming interest in chewing the (fake) branches. What can I do to stop them doing this?!?!?

How can you get cross with them though when they are so adorable? (Ignore the bits on the carpet, there were bits everywhere by the time we'd put the tree up!)

We got Missy and Mollie a new bed a few weeks ago because the landing where they sleep is a bit drafty. Don't they look cosy?

Missy (on the left) is doing her "I've done something silly and you don't know about it yet" face on the picture below:

Mollie is the smallest of the two, but she doesn't stand for any messing! She's giving Missy a cuff round the ear in this picture...

So cute!

One thing I am a bit worried about is Missy has decided she likes climbing on top of doors:

I'm scared she will fall off, especially when she starts chasing her tail!

Last two piccies now before you all think I'm some kind of demented cat-lady (actually there could be some truth in that....)

Mollie loves to sleep on people, she's so elegant and lady-like:

Missy on the other hand is a bit more independent and likes to bask in the sun (not that we see a lot of it round here!)
I will be back again hopefully tomorrow with lots of Christmas goodies to show you all, I might have been away from this blog for a while but I have been very busy! x
EDIT Can anyone help me with putting pictures on my posts? It took me ages to get it laid out how I wanted it in Blogger and then when I published my post there were lots of gaps between pictures and writing that weren't there before and some of the writing moved to the side of the pictures?!?